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We are thrilled to share insights from Carmella Jodrell, our dedicated Head of Primary at The English College Dubai. In a recent interview on TALK100.3 with Muriel D’sa, Mella delved into the multifaceted responsibilities of her role, her journey into education, and the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.

Responsibilities and Career Path:

Carmella discussed the responsibilities inherent in her role as Head of Primary, emphasising the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Her upbringing inspired her passion for education in a large family, where she recognised the transformative power of learning. This realisation drove her to pursue a career dedicated to shaping young minds and making a difference in their lives.

Changes in Education and the Role of Technology:

Reflecting on how education has evolved, the Head of Primary highlighted the pivotal role of technology in modern classrooms. She discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by digital tools, emphasising the importance of integrating technology thoughtfully to enhance learning outcomes. Carmella also shared insights into the school’s approach to teaching life skills and inquiry-based learning, citing a memorable project where students planned a party within a budget, fostering essential skills such as budgeting and teamwork.

Engaging Parents and Supporting Wellbeing:

Carmella underscored the school’s commitment to engaging parents as partners in their children’s education. From ECPC parent community events to parent conferences and engagement sessions, the school provides numerous opportunities for parents to participate actively in their child’s learning journey. Additionally, she offered valuable advice for parents, emphasising the importance of spending quality time with their children for wellbeing and fostering open communication.

Focus on Early Years and Wellbeing:

The interview highlighted the unique approach of Curious Cubs, the school’s Foundation Stage, which prioritises child-focused, independent learning. She emphasised the importance of early years education in laying a solid foundation for future academic success and personal development. Furthermore, they discussed the school’s dedication to wellbeing, including initiatives such as Samy the Tortoise and Ziggy the Wellbeing Dog, which are designed to support the holistic wellbeing of students and staff.

Through Carmella Jodrell’s insights, we understand The English College Dubai’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence, innovation, and community engagement. As Head of Primary, Mella embodies the values of dedication, compassion, and lifelong learning, inspiring students, parents, and educators alike. We look forward to continuing our journey of academic excellence and holistic wellbeing under her leadership.


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