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 Around the World in a School Day РOur Awesome International Fair

The vibrant tapestry of Dubai was on full display last Friday at The English College Dubai as the school celebrated its annual International Day! With students representing 85+ nationalities, the event was a joyous explosion of cultures, traditions, and flavours.

A Culinary Journey Around the Globe:

Stepping onto the school grounds last Friday was like embarking on a delicious international adventure. Stalls bursting with colourful flags offered an irresistible array of delights. You could indulge in the delicate sweetness of British Scones or the fluffy delight of Belgian Waffles. For a savoury adventure, we enjoyed Iraqi Dolma and Tajikistan Plov, to name a few, because it was a complete culinary journey.

Performances that Stirred the Soul:

The stage came alive with a kaleidoscope of music and dance, showcasing the rich artistic heritage of our diverse student body. Traditional Sri Lankan drummers and Pakistani songs set the rhythm. From Bollywood routines to Filipino dance moves, the performances reflected the cultural mosaic that makes The English College Dubai unique.

A Celebration of Unity in Diversity:

A vibrant parade snaked through the school field, with each primary student proudly carrying their national flag. Traditional attire added a splash of colour and cultural nuance, while henna artists adorned hands with intricate designs, creating lasting memories. Playing games and activities allowed students to interact, learn, and appreciate each other’s customs and traditions.

International Day at The English College Dubai was more than just a celebration of diversity; it was a powerful testament to the unifying power of community for more than 30 years. Students, teachers, and families came together to share their unique cultures.


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