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English College Parent Council (ECPC)

ECPC is a group of parents who meet, together with the school leadership team, a couple of times a term. The main objective of the ECPC is to support the school community by providing opportunities for parents and pupils to come together to meet, to work towards our sustainability goals, and to raise funds for local charities, as well as 'extras' that can elevate and enhance the experiences our children have in school.

The ECPC runs several large events during the school year, including International Day, UAE National Day, Mothers’ Breakfast, school plays, expert talks/demonstrations and various others. We also support local initiatives such as the Mangrove Forest (Plant a Tree).

We keep our parent community posted about ‘What’s On’ and encourage other parents to get involved where possible. The ECPC is open to any parent who would like to play an active role in the school. We are also supported by our unofficial class rep network, which are parent contacts for each year group, who help to communicate and build a sense of community. The class rep is also the admin for the unofficial (not school-led) WhatsApp groups.

We also have the following sub-committees: Charity, Sustainability, Communication and Events.

Our buddy system starts at the beginning of each new school year and throughout the year. New parents will be contacted by a member of the parent buddy to make sure they are introduced to the school community.

We are happy to hear from our fellow parents and you can contact us via:

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Four sub-committees are supported by and operate under the banner of the English College Parent Council. These are Charity, Sustainability, Communication and Events. Each committee has parent, staff and student representation to ensure we work together as a community. The ECPC leads for these sub-committees are as below:

Charity – Fareeha Mansoor

Sustainability – Paulo Goncalves

Communication – Vernon Nicholls

Events – Sarvat Baluch