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English College Parent Council (ECPC)

The ECPC is a group of parents who meet regularly with the school leadership team to support the school community by providing opportunities for parents and pupils to come together. The main objectives are to bolster the school community, work towards sustainability goals, and raise funds for local charities. We also aim to enrich our children's school experiences by providing additional resources and enhancements.

The ECPC runs several significant events during the school year, including the much-loved Festive Fair, the vibrant International Day, the exciting UAE National Day celebrations, a community Iftar and many other gatherings such as Mothers’ Breakfast, Picnics in the Park, Movie Nights, Expert talks/demonstrations and various others.

As part of our fundraising initiatives, we also organise an annual Charity Beach Walk, the entertaining Colour Run, Preloved uniform sales and Book/Toy drives throughout the year.

To further engage our parent community, our ECPC members also serve as group admins for the unofficial Year Group WhatsApp chats. We want to remind parents that all OFFICIAL communication from the school is always delivered via iSams, emails, and official social media channels. However, the WhatsApp groups are purely there to facilitate additional support, send timely reminders, organise social meetups, and share vital information regarding ECPC initiatives.



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We have a very active Event Volunteer group, so please get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to offer support.
If you have any suggestions that can help benefit the community, please do not hesitate to contact us!