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SwissCanonica Meal Plan Options and How To Order 

Primary Students

1. Winter Term (29th August to December 2021)

a) Petite Classe (FS1 to Year 2): AED 1,768, 5% discount = AED 1,680

 b) Grande Classe – Primary students (Year 3 to Year 6):  AED 1,904, 5% discount = AED, 1,809

2. Monthly Meal Plans (October meal plan package)

a) Petite Classe (FS1 to Year 2):  AED 416 (AED 26 per meal)

 b) Grande Classe – Primary students (Year 3 until Year 6): AED 448 (AED 28 per meal)


Secondary Students

1. Winter Term (29th August to December 2021)

Grande Classe – Secondary students (Year 7 to Year 13, no lunch on Thursdays):  AED 1,540, 5% discount = AED 1,463

 2. Monthly Meal Plans (October meal plan package)

Grande Classe – Secondary students (Year 7 to Year 13, no lunch on Thursdays) = AED 364 (AED 28 per meal)

3. Daily Options/Voucher Book (for Secondary students only)

You would like even more flexibility?  Purchase a Voucher Book with 20 meal vouchers and your child/ren can redeem them for daily meals – no pre-order necessary for voucher use. The Voucher Book costs AED 600 (1 meal voucher amount is 30 AED) and can be purchased directly at the school’s cafeteria from the first day back at school.

4. ‘Grab-n-Go Counter’ (for Secondary students only)

Sandwiches, salads, healthy snacks, drinks and freshly baked pastries can be purchased by using our cashless system. Secondary students can request a Canteen Card and top it up with a minimum of AED 50. The first card will be free of charge, a replacement card will be charged at AED 25 per. View the ‘Grab-n-Go’ Menu.

How To Order

Click the link below and fill in your children’s details for hot meals delivered to the school daily:


Please note: to ensure the availability of meals, please complete your order by 25th of each month and payment should be received by the end of the month, if signed up for the monthly meal plan.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact SwissCanonica via


If you wish to only opt for occasional lunches (for example for staff members), these can be purchased at the cafeteria for AED 32 per.


Covid-19 Update for the school cafeteria

SwissCanonica would like to assure all the parents that KHDA health and safety protocols will be followed in all the points to guarantee optimal health and safety of all students and staff. All our meals will be freshly cooked in our central kitchen and delivered in the disposable containers to the students to their classrooms, this will be the temporary solution due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the precautionary measures and KHDA regulations students will not be able to enjoy new canteen yet, therefore meals will be served in the classrooms. SwissCanonica is also implementing additional hygiene and preventive measures for the health and safety of all the students and employees.



We have teamed up with SwissCanonica, known locally as Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC. The local Dubai branch, which opened in 2015, is part of the SwissCanonica Group, which has been running Food and Beverage operations in the Geneva Airport since 1948.

“At SWISSCANONICA, we believe that healthy and nutritious food is very important for children while growing up, hence food quality is our key concern, which is why we place so much emphasis on our ingredients. Our menus are developed in consultation with a nutritional specialist and a team of highly experienced chefs so that we can ensure balanced, healthy and delicious meals daily. We work closely with some of the best suppliers in the UAE, which enables us to offer high quality, local and seasonal ingredients in all our meals.”

The SwissCanonica Head Chef and his team provide a European inspired menu with a mix of dishes from around the world.  Every day, the team prepares two different menus, each with a starter, main course and healthy dessert.  One menu is based around meat, fish or poultry while the other one provides vegetarian options to help teach children (and adults) the many ways of adding more vegetables to their diet. At the end of each week, a country specific menu is being offered.

SwissCanonica has a food production laboratory in Geneva and Zurich. The Central Kitchen in Dubai handles all operations within the UAE. In addition, SC own and operate their own chocolate laboratory and Swiss chocolate label ‘Canonica’, which is known for its hand-crafted chocolate. Canonica chocolate can be found in Emirates’ First and Business Class, as well as at the famous Nobu Restaurant, The Palm.