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winter term 2020
Teaching Staff Return Sun 23 Aug
Induction all New
Students,all Yr 7 and 12
Thu 27 Aug
First Day of Term Sun 30 Aug
Half Term Sun 18 – Thu 22 Oct
Prophet Mohammad’s
(PBUH) Birthday
Thu 29 Oct
Commemoration Day Tue 1 Dec
UAE National Day* Wed 2 – Thu 3 Dec
Last Day of Term Thu 10 Dec
Winter Break Sun 13 – Thu 31 Dec


spring term 2021
First Day of Term        Sun 3 Jan
Half Term        Sun 14 – Mon 15 Feb
Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj        Thu 11 Mar
Last Day of Term        Thu 25 Mar
Spring Break        Sun 28 Mar – Thu 8 Apr


summer term 2021
First Day of Term          Sun 11 Apr
Ramadan starts*          Tue 13 Apr
Eid Al Fitr*          Thu 13 – Sat 15 May*
Last Day of
Academic Year
          Thu 1 July

*Islamic holidays and the start of Ramadan are subject to change.

View the 2021/22 Calendar.
School Timings
Primary School

FS 1 & 2: 8am to 1pm Sunday to Thursday.
Years 1 to 5: 8am to 3.05pm Sunday to Wednesday. 8am to 1pm Thursday.

Secondary School

Years 6 to 9: 7.40am to 3.20pm Sunday to Wednesday.  7.40am to 12.45pm Thursday.
Years 10 & 12: 7.30am to 3.10pm Sunday to Wednesday.  7.30am to 12.45pm Thursday.
Years 11 & 13: 7.40am to 3.20pm Sunday to Wednesday.  7.40am to 12.50pm Thursday.

This staggered approach has been developed to support social distancing upon arrival and departure.