Transition to Year 7

Children graduate from the Primary school with both excitement and trepidation. Whilst our year 7 students will already have had specialist teaching in our Primary School, they will suddenly be faced with lots of different teachers and lots of different, new and exciting classrooms and facilities. It’s our responsibility to make sure that students feel in control at such an important transition phase and feel fully informed as to what life in the Secondary School will look like. Therefore transition into year 7 begins early in term 3 of year 6 and lasts all the way until the end of term 1. Our head of Key Stage 3, Barry Chaters, has developed an exciting, stimulating and varied transition programme which involves both parents and students – we recognise that the transition to the Secondary School can be just as daunting for the parents as it is the students.

We feel that in order to achieve a positive transition, parents should be fully informed about the process; therefore, we have put together a timetable of the process below.

Term 3 : Introduction Letter

An introductory letter is sent out to all new parents from Mr Chaters (Head of Key Stage 3), at the start of term 3. This letter will inform all parents of the upcoming events as well as send out an informal welcome to the English College community.

Term 3: Second Information Letter

A second letter will be sent out to all parents which will give more detailed information regarding the upcoming transition events. Parents and students will be informed about what they will need to bring with them to the transition day. The exact timings of the parent transition evening will also be shared with all parents. Each student will also be given their new school email address and information regarding which form group they will be joining and who will be their new form tutor.

Term 3: Parent Transition Evening

Mr Ford (Principal), Mrs Hopkinson (Head of Secondary) and Mr Chaters (Assistant Headteacher – Key Stage 3) will invite all of our new year 7 parents to an information evening. The evening will focus on sharing all of the key information for the upcoming year as well as offering an opportunity for parents to ask any specific questions.

Term 3: Transition Day

All of our new year 7 students will be invited to come into the College for a day of inspiration and engagement. The day has been designed to make sure that all students feel comfortable in their new school and leave at the end of the day feeling excited about joining us in August. The activities of the day will follow the theme of ‘All about me’ which will enable us to learn about our new students as they learn more about us.

Term 3: Virtual Coffee Morning

Mr Chaters  (Assistant Headteacher – Key Stage 3) will invite all parents to attend a virtual coffee morning which will offer an opportunity to answer any remaining questions or concerns from parents. This morning will also give an opportunity to update parents on any latest developments before we break for the summer.

Term 1: First day of School for all new students

All new students will be invited to attend school for an introduction day. This day is designed to give new students the opportunity to learn all daily schedules and routines before being joined by the remainder of the school. This day will be spent getting to know the form tutor who will become an extremely important teacher to the students and the first port of call for all parent questions.

Term 1: New student parent coffee morning

Mr Chaters (Assistant Headteacher – Key Stage 3) will host a settling in coffee morning which will focus on a two way communication with parents about how the first week has gone. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the first week of school.

Barry Chaters

Assistant Headteacher – Key Stage 3