Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

Cabinet: For our Year 13 students we offer them the opportunity to be part of the student leadership cabinet. A group of 8 students (4 boys and 4 girls) who are democratically elected by the College community to represent the student body and make meaningful changes to the College environment.

Within this group of 8 we elect a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.

At the end of Year 12 the students apply in writing for the position of Head Boy or Girl and are shortlisted to campaign for the position. During election week at the end of term 2, the students run a campaign which pledges promises to the College’s community which they hope to achieve if elected to the position. The whole community then will vote for the student they feel will best represent them.

During Year 13 the cabinet are given roles of responsibility such as chairing the student council meetings, organising events such as charities week, and bringing their election promises to fruition within The English College community.

Middle School Captains: As part of the Middle School’s aim to empower the middle years, we award the title of Middle School Captain to one boy and one girl from Year 9. Additionally, we also appoint a Deputy Middle School Captain, again, one boy and one girl. This role is a very important part of The Middle School and the entire school as they are the student leaders for Years 6 to 9.

Each year this role is decided by a democratic election, students in Year 9 will nominate themselves to hold this position. A short list is created based on the student’s behaviour, personality and achievements in school. The candidates will then campaign for their fellow Middle School classmates to vote for them as their captain.

The Middle School captains are then empowered to further the interests of Middle School students. To sit on the student council and run projects throughout the school year based around innovation, charity and the environment.