As one of the best value, high quality, British curriculum schools in Dubai, some of our year groups fill quickly due to a high demand for places. We therefore recommend that you apply early to avoid disappointment and to have the best chance of securing a place at our school. The admissions status for each year group is indicated below. If you are applying for a year group that is currently full, an application will still be accepted and your child will be placed on a waiting list until a space becomes available.

Please note:

* Applications for the 2024/25 Academic Year open in August 2023.

* Please contact the Admissions Team regarding applications for entry to Year 11 and Year 13. Applications will only be considered for students transferring from a GCSE/A Level curriculum, where there is an alignment of subjects and exam boards.


Closed – Waiting lists are closed when a cap is reached and no further applications can be accepted. The only exception would be applications from The English College staff and siblings of existing students.

Open – Applications are being accepted and we anticipate making admission offers, however, we cannot guarantee place availability to all who apply. Applicants may be waitlisted after assessment, depending on availability. 

Waitlist Only – Applications are accepted onto the waiting list on the understanding that all year group places have been offered, and we do not have spaces available today. Students will be invited for assessment and places offered from the waiting list if they become available.

2023/24 Admissions

FS1: Admissions Open
FS2: Waiting list
Year 1: Admissions Open
Year 2: Waiting list
Year 3: Admissions Open
Year 4: Admissions Open
Year 5: Admissions Open
Year 6: Admissions Open
Year 7: Waiting list
Year 8: Waiting list
Year 9: Waiting list
Year 10: Closed
Year 11: Closed
Year 12: Closed
Year 13: Closed

2024/25 Admissions

FS1: Admissions Open
FS2: Admissions Open
Year 1: Admissions Open
Year 2: Admissions Open
Year 3: Admissions Open
Year 4: Admissions Open
Year 5: Admissions Open
Year 6: Admissions Open
Year 7: Admissions Open – Limited Availability
Year 8: Admissions Open – Limited Availability
Year 9: Admissions Open – Limited Availability
Year 10: Admissions Open – Limited Availability
Year 11: Closed
Year 12: Admissions Open – Limited Availability
Year 13: Closed