We believe that our school uniform and dress code should reflect the standards and ethos of The English College. We have clear uniform and dress code guidelines, which all students are expected to conform to. Students need to be aware of our expectations and we would ask parents to insist that their child meets these expectations when they are wearing their uniform, both at school and outside of school. We will challenge any student whose uniform does not meet our expectations and we reserve the right to ask a student to leave school premises to correct their uniform and/or learn from home until they are able to return to school in the correct uniform.

Please note that hairstyles and nails also fall under the remit of uniform.

This year our uniform provider is transitioning from Zaks to Trutex and as a result, you will no longer be able to purchase EC uniform from Zaks online or in store.

In Store- EC is thrilled to announce that we will be opening our new school store which will be located in the PE block between primary and secondary buildings. Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7.30am-4.00pm. To book an appointment at the store, please go to and click on ‘book an appointment’ Simply select your preferred date and time from the options available, enter your personal details and the appointment will be confirmed.

Our uniform has been designed to be both comfortable and practical and is worn by all students, from FS 1 upwards. There are variances with regards to key stages and you find the complete list in our School Uniform Booklet.

As we are working with a new provider, we strongly advise all parents to make an appointment to visit the store to ensure the right sizes are purchased. You cannot visit the store without having a confirmed appointment.

For further information, you can contact the Trutex team directly by email at or call +971 (0)54 443 0473.

We also work in partnership with Surridge Sports Middle East. Surridge will be working with us to provide our new competitive PE kit. Swimwear and other PE items. These items can be purchased from the Surridge Online Shop.


Opening hours March – April 2023:

1st – 26th March

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

The English College Uniform Shop 7:30am – 4pm
27th March – 9th April

Term Break Closed

Shop Closed

6th April


The English College Uniform Shop

8am – 2pm

10th – 21st April

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

The English College Uniform Shop

8am – 2pm

22nd – 30thApril

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

The English College Uniform Shop

7:30am – 4pm