Transition to Year 6

Our Vision

Going from the traditional Primary school setting and known surroundings to bigger Secondary school setting can be a daunting process for your child/ren. They will suddenly be faced with lots of different teachers instead of a Classroom Teacher, they will need to move around the building instead of mainly staying in the classroom and there will also be all the other older students.

We are here to fully support your child/ren and to ease the transition into Year 6. This is a new and very important next stage of their life where they will develop their knowledge, learn different, embrace more life skills and to also make new friends. The transition will not stop at Year 6 as your child will continue further into Year 7 to 9 and preparations for GCSEs and A Levels.

As in Primary school, your child/ren will be taught as an individual in small classes, with a maximum of 24 students per class. We are here to support your child/ren in both, their academic journey, but also aiding them to develop their character, personality, learning and life skills. We also encourage your child/ren to explore other areas of interest at school, may it be in music, arts or sports.

Year 6 students will be introduced to more specialist lessons, which are delivered by Secondary school teachers, or, in some cases by a Primary school teacher who might also be their form tutor. Specialist lessons are: English, Maths, Science, Arabic, PE, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Science and Islamic for our Muslim students.

House/ECAs/Wider Opportunities

Your children will stay in the ‘House’ they are in (Eagle, Falcon, Hawk or Kestrel). The selection of ECAs is much wider from Year 6 onwards and they traditionally run from 3.30 to 4.30pm. Due to the present circumstances, our usually extensive options for wider opportunities, which include trips, residential/camping trips, events, fun activities such as school production, middle school disco, as well as whole school events like National Day, International Day, Interprise Day and more are on hold at the moment or limited to virtual events.

There will still be a link with Primary school as we encourage our Year 6 students to host assemblies, take part in Primary school events or even help out at events as leaders.

Each year we are holding a Transition Day for both, existing and new students joining Year 6. This Transition Day will give your child/ren and you as a family the opportunity to meet teachers, the Head and Deputy Heads of Middle schools, as well as other families.

Mr. Daryl Sims

Head of Middle School

Barry Chaters

Deputy Head Middle School

Riccardo McMahon

Deputy Head Middle School

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Middle School at one of the best British schools in Dubai.