Our School

The EC Diploma

The World Economic Forum published a list of 21st Century skills that students will need to excel in their chosen occupation field. These included critical thinking, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence. We have incorporated these skills into our curriculum offer to build a ‘future- proofed’ curriculum for our students.

To ensure that our students are highly competitive and stand out amongst the best students in Dubai, we have developed ‘The EC Diploma’ which is a set of domains that our students master. There are 16 domains that develop our students’ knowledge and skills including leadership, bilingualism, public speaking and charitable enterprise. The Diploma aims to emphasise the importance of achievements beyond the classroom to ensure EC students make a positive contribution to the school community and to the world after school. There are 3 levels of the Diploma; EC Certificate, EC Diploma, and EC Diploma with Honours – these are awarded at the Year 13 Graduation.

We are the only British school in the UAE that has developed such a dedicated, custom-made programme for its students. View the full information here.