A warm welcome to The English College Inclusion Department. We are here to help and encourage students who need a bit more support than others. Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or faces another challenge, we provide various options for your children.

Our office is presently located in the Primary school and on the ground floor for easy access.

Rabia Ahmed

Inclusion Leader

Christiana Ejikem

Learning Support Assistant, Inclusion

Please do contact us if you have any queries, questions or concerns that you would like to talk about in privacy: rahmed@englishcollege.ac.ae or T+971 (0)4 394 3465, ext 632

We enroll students in line with our Admissions Policy. Parents will need to add any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) on our online Admissions Form, which will be handled confidential. We will also ask parents to submit any reports that will help us make an informed decision so that we can support your child in the right way. We will schedule an informal ‘interview’ with your child and might ask you as a parent to be present as it sometimes might be an anxious experience for a child. If your child was identified by his/her previous school as having a learning need, then our Inclusion Team will ensure that appropriate provision and support are provided.

Our Inclusion Team in short:

• We are the key contact for parents and their children
• Review meetings for students are scheduled following interventions
• Constant and consistent communication with parents
• Our team are empowered to support your children through ongoing professional development and sharing of strategies
• We provide a safe space for your child where they can speak about concerns or in case they are experiencing difficulties in class. In line with COVID-19 guidelines, this support is virtual or if a face to face meeting needs to take place, the Inclusion Leader goes to the bubbles to see the respective students.
• We provide structured activities at break times for your child to develop social interaction and peer relations
• Our approach is consistent and caring

Foundation Stage

We work closely with the class teachers and conduct regular observations of the students to ensure that your children achieve their developmental milestones. Where there are concerns, we invite parents to come and discuss these, as well as to put appropriate measures in place. In case that a students has to be referred for occupational therapy, we do so by connecting with external professionals who are specialized in delivering therapy such as ABA, OT or speech.

Primary School, Year 1 to 5

We work closely with the class teachers and the learning support assistants to provide support.

Middle School, Year 6 to 9

In middle school we work closely with the class teachers and the subject teachers. We observe, provide strategies, support with tracking and monitoring student progress, as well as update parents and staff regularly.

We provide support with transition: the Inclusion Leader conducts regular meetings with concerned students and their parents, The Inclusion Leader also does weekly check-ins with the students to ensure they are settled/are settling in. Feedback from teachers is being gathered at each data cycle.

There are personalised packages of Literacy and Numeracy support for effective development of Literacy and Numeracy skills. These are presently done virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. During these sessions, the concerned students are tasked with online work and progress is monitored. Students have access to support to learn the language of exams, subject specific vocabulary and revision techniques. They have weekly check-ins, virtual support in lessons and support for their exams.

Senior School, Year 10 to 13

Senior students are supported in a variety of ways. They are tracked, monitored and supported by the Inclusion Team and the Deputy Heads of schools. Targeted students may also be offered coursework and exam support as a short-term intervention. Their access arrangements are overseen by the Inclusion Leader alongside the Exams Officer. Students are supported with their access arrangements.