House System

As well as the opportunity for our students to participate in external events with other Dubai Schools, we also have many inter-school competitions where our students compete against each other in our House System. When joining The English College, one of the most reputed UK curriculum schools in Dubai, all students will be allocated to one of our four houses of Eagle, Falcon, Kestrel or Hawk. The house competitions are vast and range from Swimming Galas to Spelling Bees. We really do have a competition for all and we encourage all students to represent their house in at least one event, whether that be in sports, academics or the arts.

Houses promote positive relationships with teachers and students and give students an attachment to the school not just for academic success but for personal growth. Happy and engaged students lead to positive personal and academic achievement which ultimately leads to happy teachers and a positive school environment.

The House system comprises of two parts

Inter-House Competitions: We have a diverse range of House events such as arts days, spelling bees, chess competitions, sports days, swimming galas, and other competitions organised by primary and academic departments.

Inter-House Competitions can take form in a variety of ways, as a whole school or separate as primary and senior. The competitions are designed to suit all, not just the academic and athletic. Students contribute to the organisation and running of competitions so that there is something for everyone. Inter-House competitions are an opportunity for students to enjoy and engage in friendly competition. It enables them to feel a sense of belonging and involvement with different students across the year groups by participating in school events.

House Points: Central to our rewards system, as a daily occurrence, teachers award House Points to encourage their effort and moral choices, as well as their academic achievement. Students are rewarded for doing their best in all areas of the curriculum and their personal development. House Points are an immediate reward and students should be made aware of the reasons for receiving them. We use ClassCharts as a visual and interactive system to record and track the House Points of individual students.

Positivity, encouragement, recognition and reward should be the driving force behind behavioural management in our school. It is essential to recognise that all pupils are capable of achieving House Points for attitude to learning, as this aspect of school life is always judged against a student’s level of ability. House points are entered onto the student record and acknowledged as a fine achievement for any one individual. House Points are highly valued and count towards the overall House Cup

Celebration and Achievement

Attainment and attitude to learning are celebrated every Friday and each half term by recognizing the ‘Most Valuable Pupil’ (MVP) from each form group and year group. This is calculated by how many House Points they receive that week. In Primary, the ‘Student of the Week’ reflects the school values and house contributions. Students are also recognised for their involvement in any House competitions. The celebration takes place in a weekly assembly.