Creative/Performing Arts

The Arts Faculty team aims to uphold excellence in the subjects of Drama, Art and Music through evidenced based practice, personalised learning and quality instruction. We aim to develop a thriving Arts community that nurtures passionate, creative and confident students through context based, collaborative learning experiences that expose all students to the intrinsic value and real life practices of the Arts.

The Drama Department strives to deliver an academically rigorous, exciting and relevant curriculum that values failure as well as success. We aim for our students to leave EC as highly skilled risk takers, creative collaborators and confident leaders that can create meaningful drama that not only reflects society, but that changes it for the better.

The Art department aims to create a stimulating environment where students feel enthused and excited to be. A myriad of lessons encompassing a diverse look at Artists, Art genres and specialist techniques.

Art is a subject where students will be led to feel that they have the confidence to experiment, be involved and make mistakes by which they can learn. We aim to develop, explore, record and present work that encompasses individuality and maintains the standard that has become expected at The English College.

Music at The English College seeks to deliver an aspirational education which grows students musically, emotionally and socially. Through a creative, experiential and collaborative curriculum, we aim to develop a foundation of responsibility, respect and resilience.